$300.00 Per Day/ Per Person

20% Discount for parties of three or more adults
$200.00 Per Session

Book a Snake Hunt!


Book a Snake Adventure!

Ever feel like getting out and getting in touch with nature? Well we take that to the extreme! Book a Snake Grabbin' Adventure with the GrabUOne Outfitters crew and have an experience like none-other!
Your trip will consist of one day of fun and adventure per day that you book. The cost of the package is $300 per day, per person with special group pricing available for parties of more than two ($100 non-refundable deposit per person/per day is required). The expedition price does not include room and board. You may contact us for recommendations. All members of your party will be required to sign a contract and waiver accepting all risk and responsibility for your trip. You also must have a Mississippi fishing license. These can be purchased at any Mississippi Wal-Mart.
What does a typical adventure consist of?
Most exotic fishing trips don't end up with you in the water! A Snake Grabbin' Expedetion is truly a unique and memorable event that you and your friends or family will talk about for many years to come!
  • Processing - Approximately 5 to 30 minutes
    We make sure that all of the necessary contracts for appearing in our videos and waivers are signed and your trip is fully paid for.
  • Prep - Approximately 10 - 15 minutes
    The GrabUOne crew will go over basic rules of boat and water safety, how to identify poisonus vs non-poisonus snakes and answer any general questions you may have.
  • Technique - Approximately 10 minutes
    The crew will give a short demonstration on how to grab and handle a snake and explain what to do if you are bit and need to have the snake pried off of you.
  • Boat Time - Approximately two-four hours
    The expeditions are given by boat and you will spend a great deal of time in the boat patrolling for snakes from location to location. It is recommended that you bring a small cooler with your favorite beverages and snacks.
  • Water Time - Approximately two-four hours
    This is the part that gets your heart racing. We will get down in the water and help you capture snakes (and anything else that comes swimmin' by, by hand! ). We spend a pretty good amount of time in the water !
  • Photo Session - Approximately 30 minutes
    Towards the end of your adventure we will usually spend a little time laughing about the fun we had and taking pictures with the crew!